Implementing BEPS: Swiss parliament approved ratification of MLI

Switzerland is committed to implement OECD BEPS measures and adapt to the new international standards. The parliament approved the federal decree regarding the multilateral instrument allowing to amend bilateral tax treaties. It may be ratified after the referendum period expires on 11 July 2019. Authors: Eric Duvoisin, Svetlana Isaenko

“Basel-City compromise for the implementation of the Tax Proposal 17” widely accepted

On 10 February 2019, the popular vote in the canton of Basel-City has resulted in an important success for the Basel-City political parties, the Basel-City administration and the economic region.  The “compromise for the implementation of Tax Proposal 17”, has been accepted by a large majority. Authors: Andrea Bätscher and Dominik Bürgy.

(L)IBOR Transition – Valuation and risk management considerations

Pricing and risk models need to be adjusted to the Alternative Reference Rates (ARR). Entities will encounter several challenges in this process, the most critical being the lack of historical time series data, and absence of term structures and embedded credit risk components. The asymmetries between the benchmarks may ultimately lead to an increase of … More (L)IBOR Transition – Valuation and risk management considerations